Make a splash with High TeHC cannabis infused flavored drink powders! Worthy of the best mixologist, you can now give your beverage a serious upgrade with a non-alcoholic but intoxicating cannabis alternative. SPLASH cannabis powder easily dissolves in liquid and offers the freedom to enjoy a beverage of your choice with all the traditional aspects of what is known as “a good buzz.”

Make a Splash!

Why socialize with the same cannabis infused beverage foundin the market today, when you can get creative and turn ANY beverage into a tasty, buzzy cocktail! For a fantastic, easy to make, infused beverage just add SPLASH to sparkling water, iced tea, a soft drink, or juice for a uniquely refreshing thirst quencher and join the party…it’s really that easy.


If you miss the full-bodied flavor of traditional spirits such as gin, vodka, bourbon, or tequila, with their balanced bouquet and aromatic flavors, there are plenty of non-alcoholic alternatives so no need to compromise a good time! Go ahead and SPLASH in some High TeHC flavored powder or unflavored ELEV8 powder into any full-bodied spirit with zero sacrifice of the traditional craft cocktail except for the hangover!

  • Consistent
  • Predictable
  • Based in Science
  • Supported by Data