We believe in clean products that deliver and deliver fast!

HighTeHC Eelv8 powder is all of that and more! This THC powder, made with real honey, is quickly absorbed by the body, elevating (Elev8) your “good time”. This fast-acting High TeHC cannabis powder is rendered tasteless, removing any need for large amounts of sugar or masking agents found in many products to cover a weedy taste. All High TeHC products, with their 34 global patents, are based on studies, backed by science, and supported by data…We are pharmacokinetics!

No Need to Sacrifice taste.

Eelv8 dissolves quickly and cleanly into any food or beverage and if you are on the go, it can be sprinkled right on the tongue but why not have a little fun! Because of the patented process, Elev8 allows for the natural botanicals of any beverage or cocktail to shine and any food or sauce to taste as it should… delicious! So, elevate your next meal or event and personalize your own kind of “buzz.” Talk about “low-cal,” simply add Elev8to a favorite flavored or sparkling water and enjoy…. It’s really that good!

  • Consistent
  • Predictable
  • Based in Science
  • Supported by Data