Choose N’Fuse and make it all about you! Open a world of endless possibilities with a convenient way to suit YOUR mood, satisfy YOUR taste buds and unleash YOUR creativity. N’Fuse THC powder gives you the freedom to consume your way to a flavor adventure. Turn any beverage into a refreshing oasis and basic food into a unique culinary experience. Whatever path you choose, enjoy the freedom of N’Fuse and go beyond ordinary.

N’Fuse Flavors

N’Fuse and experience a subtle flavor wave that will give your next beverage a serious upgrade! Why consume the same flavored beverages when you can N’Fuse the way YOU choose! Worthy of the best mixologist, N’Fuse gives YOU the freedom to do things YOUR way. N’Fuse is a carefully crafted drink powder with a light refreshing wave of flavor (or no flavor) that can effortlessly enhance any beverage YOU choose. Ride the flavor wave of N’Fuse drink powders and unleash your creativity! Leave those overpowering flavors and basic choices behind with an easy-to-use powder that elevates any beverage and offers limitless flavor possibilities. Water, juice, soda, smoothies and beyond are all you need to create an infused beverage of infinite blends; life’s too short for basic moments and flavorless adventures!

N’Fuse Unflavored

Why alter the taste of a good thing! Choose N’Fuse UNFLAVORED and savor life’s simple pleasures like a refreshing glass of lemonade, a great cup of coffee or grandmas’ apple pie. Try N’Fuse unflavored on all your “favorites” and “Taste the Feeling!”

N’Fuse On The Go

On the go? N’Fuse stands on its own! Simply sprinkle N’Fuse directly on the tongue for a fun and zippy flavor wave! N’Fuse is NOT an intensely flavored, mouth puckering powder. N’Fuse THC powders are often combined with botanicals such as elderberry or green tea then blended with extras like vitamin C or electrolytes. With its all-natural flavoring and color, use N’Fuse and give your taste buds something to talk about!

  • Consistent
  • Predictable
  • Based in Science
  • Supported by Data