Who says you can’t get anything for FREE.

Feel free to be free with these amazing sugar free, gluten free and sorbitol free gummies! These edibles are so tasty you’ll have a hard time telling if they’re indeed sugarless. Sacrifice none of the flavor or the power of this great tasting edible (just the sugar). So, feel “free” to enjoy this sugar free, guilt free alternative.

High TeHC is proud to offer a sugar free, gluten free, and sorbitol free gummy! This High TeHC sugar free product is the only fast acting gummy in the market with all the deliciousness you would expect from a High TeHC gummy, just without the sugar! With its all-natural flavoring, each edible still offers that same flavorful punch you have grown to love from High TeHC products. In fact, this sugar free edible is so tasty that you’ll have a hard time believing that it is indeed sugarless and may even prefer this “guilt-free” variation. The High TeHC collection of sugar free edibles is an ideal alternative for dieters, diabetics or anyone simply watching their sugar intake. So, feel “free” to enjoy this no sugar, guilt free alternative. It may be “free,” but this edible never leaves you feeling like you’re missing out.

The Power
  • Hybrid THC – 10MG: Known to give an uplifting and energetic happy feeling. Used for reducing anxiety and feeling productive, creative, and focused.

Delightfully delicious! A flavor burst that leaves your senses lifted in a multitude of ways. And, did we mention its SUGAR FREE!? This all-natural gummy is vegan, gluten free, sorbitol free and its sweetness and color come from only natural ingredients.

  • Consistent
  • Predictable
  • Based in Science
  • Supported by Data